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We Help You Navigate Mortgages, Credit Improvement & Repair, Student Loan Forgiveness and Insurance 

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Real Estate Experts Fernanda Leon, Scott Green & Bryan Shobe, partner  to help you navigate the sometimes complicated financial world of purchasing Real Estate.  They have assembled a group of professionals they work with to solve mortgage, credit improvement & repair, student loan forgiveness, self employed income verification and insurance challenges.   

Our Services

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Real Estate

We are experts in assisting you in finding the right professional for your lending, credit improvement and insurance needs to get you into your home of your dreams.  How we are different than the typical agent, is that we are willing to work with you through these challenges and find unique solutions.


When your borrowing situation needs that extra touch we have a diverse group of professionals to fit your specialized mortgage needs. Check out our group of professionals and we will work with you to select your best match.  We have lenders that do residental, commercial, undeveloped land loans and lower credit scores.

Credit Repair

It can be a challenge and expense to purchase a home with poor credit.  We work with companies that analyze your credit situation and develop a personalized plan to improve your credit score to be able to get a loan approval and possibly a lower rate. We have found one of the keys to success is a good plan, sticking to it and time.

Student Loan Program

20% of those with Student Loans qualify for Forgiveness but rarely understand how to receive those benefits. We have members in our team that can see if you qualify for these benefits allowing you to qualify for a home.


We have been careful as we put together our team of credit improvement, lending and insurance professional that we incorporate a number bilingual speakers in our team.


The professionals we work with have access to 20+ Insurance Carriers. This allows buyers & borrowers with credit challenges, past claims history, and are shopping for unique properties including pre-1900, flat roofs, rural acreage, asbestos, and more to purchase insurance! 


I had such a pleasure working with Bryan Shobe and his team.  They made my first home buying experience truly great.

Zitlalli H.
1st Time Home Owner - Sept. 2018

How do we(I) get started?

As real estate experts we realized early on that many of our clients did not know how to navigate the process of mortgages, credit issues, high student debt and home insurance.  So we decided to assemble a team of professionals that we rely on to assist you in your home buying process. How we differ from most real estate agents we will stay involved with you throughout the process.  Call or email us for a FREE Consultation.