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Bryan Shobe 

CFO - Sand Key Caribbean Developers

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My Business Back Ground


Mr. Shobe is the CFO of Sand Key Caribbean Developers and was involved with the founding of the company.  In addition, Bryan is the current CFO of AFF Installations (AFF) and works closely with its founder and CEO/Founder Frantz Morency to conduct their expansion efforts in the United States and the Caribbean.  Mr. Shobe is tasked with the funding of that expansion, upgrading AFF's accounting programs and controls, establish relations with banking entities, explore cost saving strategies and to manage the financial aspect of AFF's rapid growth in the United States.

Prior to joining AFF, Mr. Shobe was employed with JB Goodwin in San Antonio, TX as a real estate agent and still holds his license with JB Goodwin.  During his tenure at JB Goodwin, Mr. Shobe has focused on residential, income properties, raw land development opportunities and has founded a partnership called Real Estate + Credit Professionals, social media sites on Facebook (7 sites - 1 Spanish), Twitter, Instagram, 3 Websites and 2 You Tube Channels.


Prior to moving back to San Antonio Mr. Shobe assisted the founder in launching a new concept Private High School in Bradenton, FL call Inspiration Academy.  The concept of the school was offering top end sports training and development of student athletics in a faith-based environment. Mr. Shobe was able to get the school chartered, sports teams authorized in only 4 months and school and sports launched in that period.  


Bryan Shobe in 1997 was sole founder of what became PawsPlus and at that time acted as the company’s CEO, CFO, and COO.  Mr. Shobe supervised the expansion from a 5 veterinary hospital chain to a chain operating mobile vaccine clinics in over 500 locations in 17 states for PETCO, Pet Supermarket and Tractor Supply. He negotiated acquisition of competitor that expanded operations from the West Coast to the East Coast.  Negotiated a national contract with 1,000+ retail chain (Tractor Supply) adding a third major channel for PawsPlus vaccine clinics. He also oversaw the launch and development of $1 million plus E-commerce business and $10 million veterinary product wholesale business.


In April 1992, Mr. Shobe founded Pet Metro, an entertainment-based pet stores averaging 25,000 sq. ft. stores that featured a zoo like appearance in the live animal department and a warehouse look in the pet food/supplies departments of the stores. He introduced the concept of having a veterinary hospital located inside the pet store. The chain grew to a 5-store chain in less than three years with annual sales of over $16.5 million. The chain was sold to PETCO.


Prior to launching Pet Metro, Mr. Shobe was a Private Banker in Newport Beach, CA with the Boson Company.  His role with the bank was to manage high net-worth individuals and to solicit new business for the bank in the areas of deposits, assets management, trust service and jumbo mortgages. Mr. Shobe was the highest revenue producer in California.  During the same period, he earned his CFP (Certified Financial Planner) certificate.

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