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Any Benefit to Opting-Out of Offers?

Q: How many points do I get for Opting-Out?

A: Let me make this very clear...NONE! We are not sure who started

this ongoing rumor throughout the decades but once again there is

no score increase advantage for opting-out.

Have you ever really thought about those pre-approved offers you

get? Maybe ask "wait a minute; how on earth does Capital One

even know what I’m pre-approved for in the first place, I didn’t

apply for a credit card?" This is one of those very rare times

(although seemingly getting more common by the minute) where

"society" has decided on your behalf...isn’t that nice? (note the

heavy sarcasm) The decision has been made for you that it’s in

your best interest to receive promotional offers in every direction

possible. So whenever Capital One wants to sell more credit cards - other than using Samuel L Jackson on TV - they contact a bureau and ask for X number of files that fit within a certain criteria, and then your personal information is given out willy-nilly.


What’s nice is that we are given the option of reversing "their" decision for us by going to https://www.optoutprescreen.com or by calling (888)567-8688. Of course "they" don’t want to lose you for too long, so that will only keep the junk mail at bay for 5 years. For a permanent solution you need to fill out the Permanent Opt-Out Election form available at their website which includes signing, printing and mailing.

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