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Q: I have contacted real estate agents and they will not work with me unless I have a letter from a lender qualifying me for a purchase.  Will you work with us if we don't have a letter and can't get one currently?

A:  The simple answer is yes!  Fernanda and Bryan understand that many of us have had bumps in the road with our credit.  They both love working to help solve your issue and have assembled a team of professionals to help with this process.  Call or email for a FREE Consultation to find out how they can help.


Q:  How long will this process take?

A:  How long this takes differs with each client and what the process is to get you into position to purchase your dream home.  We can sometimes find the correct professional that can assist with a mortgage right away.  Other times it will take two to 6 months or more.  The key is to put together a solid plan and stick to the plan.  Sometimes trying to rush things makes matters worse with credit scores.  No matter how long it takes we will work with you and the professionals we matched you to get you into a home.    


Q:  How much does it cost?

A:  To start the process with us is FREE with our consultation.  Then depending on what is needed you may have additional fees to improve your credit or put together a student loan forgiveness program.  The good news, where possible we have negotiated reduced fees for these services and when you purchase a home through us we will rebate you part of the fees you paid! Plus, in some cases we have negotiated you reductions in your closing costs.  


Q: What we need to get into a place to live right now?

A:  We will do our best to find a short term solution if we can't find you a professional that can do a mortgage for you.  We have found rental homes that will work with letters of recommendations and not have to pull a hard credit report that will negatively effect your credit potentially.  Then in some case put an option in place to purchase that home at a future point once the credit restoration has had time to improve your credit.  Once again, patience is the key.  The higher the credit score the more you save in interest costs over the life of your mortgage.


Q:  How do I get a copy of my credit report?

A:  You are entitled to one free annual credit report from each of the credit bureaus every 12 months.  In some states, and in some circumstances, you may be able to get additional free copies. To get your fee copy visit  www.Annualcreditreport.com . Remember to get and review copies from each agency, as this can help you spot any problems with your credit account.  The three credit bureaus that we use for mortgage loans are Equifax, Experian and Transunion.

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Q:  Does my credit score have any barring on the cost of my home insurance?

A:  Your credit score plays an important role in the homeowners insurance premium you pay once you purchase a home. That’s because insurance companies use information in your credit report to calculate an insurance score.  Insurance companies use credit-based insurance scores to help them predict losses by determining which consumers are more likely to file claims. An insurance company assigns an insurance score to any consumer who applies for an insurance policy, and the more favorable your insurance score, the more favorable your insurance premium likely will be. ( Some states prohibit insurers from using them.)